Our contribution to sustainability is greener usage

Electrification across sectors strains the energy grid, requiring cleaner generation and greener usage. The grid capacity and renewable supply must grow, while smarter usage reduces waste. iDEAL Semiconductor’s SuperQ cuts power conversion losses by 20-30% at no extra cost, enhancing efficiency and lowering energy costs.

The World is Going Electric.

How do we
Power all
the world’s electronics?

Two Important Needs

Near Term:
Greener Usage

We must eliminate the wasted heat from power conversion and power storage

Longer Term:
Cleaner Generation

The grid must double and Renewables must increase



of all energy is lost
before entering the server or
electric motor…

Power Conversion Losses in the Form of Heat Represent Emissions and Waste

If SuperQ were adopted in the world's servers, motors and electronics...

SuperQ adoption has the potential to clean 464 Million Metric Tons of Carbon from the Air Every Year

SuperQ would save enough electricity to eliminate 318 Fossil Fuel Power Plants*

*500 MW Power Plants

SuperQ would have the Environmental Impact of planting 20 Billion trees creating a Forest the size of Pennsylvania plus New York

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