We’ve reinvented the power device, unlocking performance leadership for the next generation…and the next.

55% Larger Conduction Area

Compared to SuperJunction structures

6X Lower

MOSFET versus leading

46% Reduction in Inverter Loss

Compared to leading silicon MOSFET driving a 36 HP motor

1.6X Lower

MOSFET versus leading Gallium Nitride devices

Built in Silicon

Up to 95%¹ of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing capacity is in silicon. So are we.

Technology for All

SuperQTM makes better diodes, MOSFETs, IGBTs and Power ICs. It applies to silicon and future materials.

Statistics based on a 200V MOSFET
¹Reports and Data

Reaching new heights in energy effiency through better science,

SuperQ charges forward


has the power to reduce power loss in every application


SuperQ™ enables greener usage